Who we are

Experiences you were destined for.

We are an Atlanta-based agency dedicated to creating the best times of your life through travel. Whether you are taking a personal vacation, preparing for a business conference across the country or simply organizing a group adventure in the Rockies, each experience should be positively reminiscent.

Just tell us where you want to go and what you’ve dreamed of doing and we will do our best to make sure you are awarded with experiences you were destined for.

Our Services

Leisure Travel

Let's get more stamps on that passport. You owe it yourself to see the sights of an unfamiliar journey that can only be explained through photographs and priceless collectables acquired from the lands of which you've traveled. Wherever you want to go, our agents will be steadfast in our approach to help you be as hands-free as much as possible.

Corporate Travel

You were assigned the task of getting the office squared away with "above par" travel accommodations in a place you've learned about less than 5 minutes ago. Big deal? Not really. You would be at ease to know that our agents will ensure that your business trip would feel somewhat, leisurely. Even when it is for work, we believe you should still have a little room for play.

Group Travel

Don't you love those moments when you can reflect saying, "Remember when we…"? or spending hours in various photo albums laughing at how your best friend's hair looked after you went hiking that year? Those shared adventures, believe it or not, helped shape you into the person you are today. We will make sure you have more time to add on to those memories.

Elite Travel

There will be a time your life when what you've considered to be "luxury" would now be a necessity. It should be. Our "Elite" traveling services are for those who want to define and indulge in the most opulent experiences imaginable. Why not? The greatest treat anyone could give themselves is the ability to "live".

Our Trips

Our Agents

LaKeisha Lewis
President & CEO

LaKeisha Lewis is a native of Atlanta and has expressed a love for travel since her early childhood. After 10 years of experience as a travel nurse and medical office manager, LaKeisha transformed her passion for travel and service into a second career; thus, creating Infinite Travels.The mother of two enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, running and shopping.

Destinations of expertise include: Europe, Mexico, New York City, South America, Las Vegas, the Caribbean, Asia, Africa, and many historic locations.